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This is the third part of this list of common Spanish words that you need to learn. These 150 words were all selected by a native Spanish speaker from Ecuador who is also a teacher. To read through and study the whole list you can start on the page Some Spanish Words to Learn.

(el) sol sun
(la) luna moon
(las) nubes clouds
(la) lluvia rain
(el) viento wind
(el) frio (noun) cold
(el) calor (noun) hot
(el) ruido noise
(el) silencio silence
limpio / limpia clean
sucio / sucia dirty
lento / lenta slow
contento / contenta content
feliz happy
triste sad
rico / rica rich
pobre poor
caliente (adjective) hot
frio / fria (adjective) cold
nuevo / nueva new
viejo / vieja old
agradable nice
desagradable unpleasant
largo / larga long
corto / corta short
grande big
pequeño / pequeña small
alegre cheerful / merry
enojado / enojada angry / upset
interesante interesting
aburrido / aburrida boring
(la) ensalada salad
(las) frutas fruits
(el) jugo juice
(la) soda soda / colas / pop
(el) boleto ticket / fare
(el) recibo receipt
raro weird / rare
comun common
(la) mentira lie
(la) verdad truth
mentiroso liar
sincero sincere
(el) parque park
(la) bicicleta bicycle
(la) montaña mountain
(el) paisaje landscape
(la) jornada journey
(el) destino fate / destination
(un) diario / diario de viaje journal / travel journal

There are, of course, many more common Spanish words you'll be learning in coming lessons, but if you get to know the ones on this list it will much easier for you to absorb the information and actually start to speak in your new language. All lessons are listed on the homepage, which is linked to at the top and bottom of this page.

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