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This lesson covers some Spanish transitional words and phrases. There are enough here that you might want to bookmark the page to refer back yo it several times until you remember most of these. Now, since we have had a few lessons, we continue the page introduction in Spanish...

Finalmente y ahora que ya puedes formular ideas en español, entonces estás listo para algunas Frases de Transición (Transition Phrases). Frases de Transición son aquellas frases que te ayudan a enlazar una idea con otra. A continuación te presento algunas :

Frases de Transición para agregar:
(Transitional Phrases to add an idea)

aparte de = besides
además = moreover; additionally
asimismo = also
de todas formas = in any case; anyhow
de todas maneras = in any case; anyhow
de todos modos = in any case; anyhow
de cualquier manera = in any case; anyhow
sobre todo = above all
también = also

Frases de Transición para comparar:
(Transitional Phrases to compare an idea with another)

así como = similarly
con relación a = in relation to
de la misma forma = in the same way
de la misma manera = in the same way
del mismo modo = in the same way
en cuanto a = as for
sin duda = without a doubt
en relación con/a = in relation to
tal como = just like

Frases de Transición para contrastar:
(Transitional Phrases to contrast an idea)

a diferencia de = in contrast to
a pesar de = in spite of; despite
a pesar de que = despite the fact that
al contrario = on the contrary
aunque = although; even though
con todo = nevertheless; still
en cambio = on the other hand
en contraste con = in contrast to
en lugar de = instead of
en vez de = instead of
no obstante = nevertheless; however
por el contrario = on the contrary
por un lado... por otro lado = on the one hand . . . on the other hand
por una parte... por otra parte = on the one hand . . . on the other hand
sin embargo = nevertheless; however

Frases de Transición para ejemplificar:
(Transitional Phrases to make examples)

claro que = of course
en efecto = indeed; in fact
en realidad = indeed; in fact
en resumen = in short
es decir = that is to say
por ejemplo = for example
por lo general = in general
por supuesto = of course
por último = lastly

Frases de Transición para expresar resultado:
(Transitional Phrases to express conclusions)

en consecuencia = consequently
por consiguiente = consequently
por eso = therefore
por lo tanto = therefore
por lo visto = apparently
resulta que . . . = it turns out that . . .
ya que = since; because of

Frases de Transición relacionadas con el tiempo:
(Transitional Phrases related to time)

ahora = now
al mismo tiempo = at the same time
al principio = in the beginning
desde entonces = since then
después = afterwards; later
durante = during
entonces = then
finalmente = finally
luego = later; then
mientras = while

That covers the Spanish transitional words and phrases that you're most likely to need.

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