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Are you ready to learn Spanish? You can start right here with the free Spanish lessons we are offering. These were originally part of a subscription course, but now they're all posted publicly on the site and linked to below. You can work your way through them in the order presented (which we recommend if you are just starting your studies) or pick and choose the lessons according to where you need the most help.

Soon you'll be able to ask questions, talk about yourself, and have basic conversations in Spanish. Learning a language is great for your brain, useful if you travel and enable you to talk to friends and neighbors who come from other countries. It is also great for business.

Be sure to check out the other pages of the site as well, which are listed further down. There are articles about learning a language, useful information on Spanish-speaking countries, and even a travel story or two.

Free Spanish Lessons

Spanish Expressions and Useful Words - Lesson one covers some "survival Spanish."

The Spanish Verb Ser and Estar - Yes, there are two verbs for "to be."

Spanish Adjectives, Nouns and Articles - Some basic building blocks of language.

How to Conjugate Spanish Verbs - How to conjugate a few common verbs.

Irregular Spanish Verbs - Every language has verbs that don't follow the rules...

Spanish Words - A list of some of the most common and useful words.

List of Spanish Words - A continuation of the list started on the page above.

Common Spanish Words - The final part of the list of common and useful words.

Spanish Verb Tener - The verb "ir" (to go) is also covered in this lesson.

Common Spanish Expressions - How to get around and express how you feel.

Using Common Spanish Verbs - Putting those verbs you learned into sentences.

The Spanish Past Tense - How to say you did it and more...

Irregular Spanish Verbs in the Past Tense - The most common past tense irregulars.

The Spanish Verb Gustar - Me gusta esta lección (I like this lesson).

Gustaria - How to properly say you would like something.

Idiomatic Spanish Expressions - Including how to say "should," "need" and more.

Spanish Future - Conjugations of common verbs in the future tense.

Spanish-Future Irregulars - There aren't many and they're easy.

Demonstrative Spanish Adjectives - This, that and the other things...

Spanish Questions - How to ask some of the most basic questions.

Spanish Hay - The word "hay" means "there is" or "there are;" how to use it.

Spanish Gerund - How to add "ing" to verbs (as in speaking).

Weather in Spanish - Expressions and words related to weather and climate.

Possessive Spanish Adjectives - How to say it's yours or hers or his...

Colors in Spanish - All the basic colors and some sentences using them.

Numbers in Spanish - Your basic guide to counting up to 100.

Numbers in Spanish 1 to 1000 - More about numbers and counting.

Telling Time in Spanish - Hours, minutes, and the related idioms.

Spanish Comparisons - Less than, more than, better and worse...

Spanish Travel Phrases - Some of the common ones you'll need.

Spanish Aquí and other Adverbs - How to say here, there and everywhere.

Time in Spanish - More adverbs expressing time periods.

Spanish Adverbs - How to say "almost," "badly," and so on.

Spanish Transitional Words and Phrases - Besides, moreover; many others.

Spanish Reflexive Verbs - How to "wash yourself" and more.

Spanish Prepositions List - Some Prepositions and Examples.

Bueno y Malo - Comparatives and Superlatives.


One of the best ways to practice your Spanish at home is to tune into the Spanish-language television stations available on most cable systems. It can be especially helpful to turn on the closed captions so you can read along as you hear the words spoken.

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Spanish Pronunciation Guide - Basic rules for pronunciation of Latin- American Spanish.

Common Spanish Phrases - Some of the more basic survival Spanish.

Basic Spanish Phrases - Some of the most useful ones.

Boost Brainpower by Learning a Language - The two ways a new language helps the brain.

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Traveling in Ecuador - Mountains, beaches, glaciers and volcanoes.

Costa Rica - Two oceans, jungle river trips, and 850 species of birds.

Bolivia - The highest capital city in the world is just the start of the beauty.

Panama - Palm trees swaying in a tropical breeze...

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Learn Spanish - Why? This list of ten reasons answers that question.

10 Secrets to Learning Spanish Like Crazy - An article by Patrick Jackson.

How to Speak Spanish - A few key steps to take for learning Spanish quickly.

Streetwise Spanish - An article on some "cool verbs" to know by Peter Christian.

The 150 Most Useful Words in Spanish - Part of the free Spanish lessons above, the words on this list were chosen by a native speaker from Ecuador.

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